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Everything you need to know about ATF bays

An authorised testing facility (ATF) allows you to test whether trailers, public service vehicles and heavy goods vehicles meet the environmental and safety standards for the roads. If you’re looking to create commercial ATF bays within your workshop, here is everything you need to know:

Applying to DVSA

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency will need to conduct an assessment and inspection of your workshop before granting you access to an ATF bay. To apply, you’ll need:

• An area for testing that is a minimum of two metres wider than any tested vehicles
• A weatherproof building that is permanently yours
• Appropriate and approved testing equipment
• Offices that DVSA staff can work from and visit when needed

You’ll need to detail this on one of DVSA application forms. It’s important that you don’t start any ATF work until the application has been approved, as you’ll most likely spend money on equipment that won’t be refunded if it is refused.

Operating ATF bays

If the DVSA accepts your application for an ATF bay, you’ll need to set up a pre-funded account. If you have more than one ATF bay, you’ll need a separate account for each one.

It’s also crucial that you continue to meet health and safety regulations, and you’ll be asked to conduct inductions for any DVSA assessors that have been assigned to your workshop. They’ll expect to see at least one DVSA and ATF logo branded somewhere, and they may also ask to see your insurance documents, so make sure you have these on hand.

What you’ll get from DVSA

DVSA ask that you always have a site manager available each day to manage test bookings and work alongside DVSA. In return, you’ll get:

• An examiner for any period of testing where reservations have been confirmed
• Insurance that all examiners will comply with the relevant statutory requirements
• Relevant testing documents once the test has been completed

Testing fees

If your ATF bay is to offer open access or third-party testing, you’ll be required to charge DVSA fees, which range depending on the type of vehicle. You’ll also be allowed to charge a pit fee on top of these, however, these are capped at:

• £70 for testing PSVs
• £55 for testing HGVs
• £40 for testing trailers

Here at MRB Workshop, we can assist any customers who are looking to create a commercial ATF bay within their workshop and can help with any aspect of the process. We can also provide the relevant equipment needed once your ATF application has been approved. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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