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What tools do I need to open my own garage?

Posted on by creare

While mechanical skills are vital to run a thriving commercial garage, your business will never survive without the necessary equipment and tools. When first starting, it’s essential that you choose high equality equipment, even if this means sacrificing quantity for the time being.

You want the more common jobs to be completed to the highest standards, so your clients will recommend you to others and allow you to start building your network. MRB Workshop offers you only the best products, so below is a list of some essentials you’ll need to get off to a fantastic start:

Vehicle Lifts

Most of the work completed in garages is done when vehicles are raised above the ground. Whatever your garage chooses to specialise in, you’ll most likely need a hoist on a daily basis, meaning some high-quality ones should be high up on your list of initial purchases. While the best hoists can seem expensive, never sacrifice quality. Average versions often seem to give up after two years, which isn’t long in the grand scheme of a business. Remember that by spending slightly more on such an essential tool now, you’ll be reducing your overheads further down the line.

We also recommend a clear floor hoist. With nothing restricting your path, this tool will give you the best access to the car’s parts. You can also move heavy equipment around the garage with much more ease.

For the highest quality garage equipment, get in touch with MRB Workshop.


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