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How to open your own garage

Do you have a love of cars, and a desire to start your own business? Opening your own garage can be a great way to fulfil both of these criteria. However, before embarking on this venture, there are some key factors that you may need to consider.

Find the perfect location

It is important to strike the balance between finding a location where there is sufficient demand for a garage but without too much competition. City centre locations can be popular choices, as many potential clients will be able to find you easily. However, if a small town, district or village is lacking a garage, then this could be a fantastic opportunity for your new business. You must also consider whether you want to buy a property that used to be a garage or start completely from scratch.

Buying equipment

The right equipment is essential to ensure that your garage can offer as many services as possible. A lift is an integral part of a garage. Whether it be a 2-post lift, a 4-post lift or a scissor lift, most major jobs in the industry will require one. Each has pros and cons, so it is important to do your research to find what will work best in your garage. A 2-post lift has more under-car clearance, but it also needs more room to install. A scissor lift is very quick to use and very stable. However, you cannot park a car underneath.

Mobile columns are also a must for your garage, to ensure you can lift any vehicle in a fast and efficient manner. If you are starting a garage from scratch, you should also have MOT and ATF bays fitted. These fittings can be complex, so use a trusted fitter for the best quality and price.

MRB Workshop

If you’re looking to open your own garage, then MRB Workshop can provide with you everything you need. We offer a range of services including installation, garage designing and equipment servicing. MRB Workshop understands how important it is for you to be able to carry out the very best workmanship, which is why we supply only the highest quality garage equipment at competitive prices. For more information, contact MRB Workshop today!


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